Bayley Believes Peyton Royce Is ‘In-Ring Twin’ Of Sasha Banks

Peyton Royce after pinning Bayley at Survivor Series 2020

Bayley has revealed her belief that Peyton Royce is on the same level in-ring as Sasha Banks, calling the Australian wrestler Banks’ ‘in-ring twin’!

Appearing on Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions, Bayley took part in a word association game where she compared Royce’s in-ring prowess to the Mandalorian star!

“To me she’s like Sasha Banks’ twin that nobody knows, in the ring.”

The game features on Stone Cold’s WWE Network show, set to be released on 10 January, and was publicised as an extras clip from WWE’s YouTube channel.

The Grand Slam champion also gave her opinion on a raft of wrestlers, both male and female, with some interesting views of Carmella and Eva Marie being spoken.

The show will go out on the WWE Network and Bayley will be the first female guest in the history of Broken Skull Sessions. She will also be one of two currently active superstars to guest on the show. The only other is Inside The Ropes’ Male Wrestler of the Year Drew McIntyre. Other previous guests include the Undertaker, Kane and Ric Flair.

Bayley was most recently at the top of the women’s division with her reign as Smackdown Champion until she was dethroned by her former partner Sasha Banks. The two have storied matches against one another, so the comparison of Peyton to Sasha is highly favourable.

You can watch the full episode of Broken Skull Sessions with Bayley on the WWE Network when it releases on January 10th.