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Batista Names The Five Wrestlers He’d Take With Him On A Zombie Heist

Batista - Army Of The Dead

Ahead of the premiere of his latest movie Army Of The Dead, Batista has named the five wrestlers who’d he like to have by his side during a zombie heist.

The Army Of The Dead is set to arrive in theatres in the US on May 14th before landing on Netflix on May 21st. Zack Synder’s latest offering finds Dave Bautista fka Batista in the role of Scott Ward, a zombie killing mercenary. The film follows Ward as he attempts to pull off a heist while mending the fractured relationship with his daughter.

In anticipation of the films release, former WWE Champion Batista sat down with ComingSoon.net to discuss his latest project.

After describing what drew him to the film’s script, Batista named who he would like by his side if he to undertake his own zombie heist.

After picking out MVP, Titus O’Neal, Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker, Batista named The Big Show (Paul Wight) as his final selection. But not because of his fighting abilities, instead as a sacrifice to buy the rest of the crew time to complete the mission!

“All right. So five right off the top of my head, I’m bringing Titus. He’s my number one guy. He’s my right-hand man. I’m bringing MVP. He’s my dude. He’s my soldier like that dude is, you know, he’s definitely coming with me ’cause he’s got everything that you need. I’m bringing Rey Mysterio because I believe Rey can do things that a lot of human beings are unable to do. I’m bringing Undertaker. ‘Cause Undertaker’s just a badass. I know we can depend on that dude. I’m also going to bring Big Show because if we need to sacrifice someone for zombies because obviously, you know, Big Show’s the guy. They will spend like days eating that guy. So we don’t have to worry about [it]. We know we got days to move around without zombies chasing us ’cause they’re going to be busy eating Big Show.”

Following his defeat to Triple H at WrestleMania 35 Batista announced his retirement from professional wrestling. However, with wrestling retirements being notoriously flimsy, speculation has remained about whether ‘The Animal’ would ever return to the ring. Responding to the speculation, Batista poured cold water on the idea of a return, saying that “nothing could bring me back.”

With wrestling firmly in his rear view mirror, Batista continues to move forward with his acting career. Something which has recently drawn praise from AEW star Christian Cage, who named the former world champion his favourite wrestler turned actor.