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“Batista Knocked Me Out” – Jonathan Coachman Reveals Incredible Backstage Story


Jonathan Coachman has opened up about how Batista knocked him out backstage, as well as discussing how he preferred taking a 3D from the Dudleyz through a table than on the mat.

Answering a question from a fan on Twitter, Coach hilariously revealed that Batista “knocked him out” in a locker room, saying “part of my skull is still on the ceiling” when speaking about the most painful bump he’s taken.

“Wasn’t in a ring. Bautista knocked me out in a locker room in Steubenville Ohio. Part of my skull is still on the ceiling in the office there. He didn’t do it on purpose. Just happens when you are practicing moves.”

Coachman – who also said he will “never go back to WWE” – also spoke of how taking the 3D “looked nasty” but was actually the complete opposite, stating he preferred doing so going through a table than a mat.

“Dudley’s had a way of make it look nasty but making it feel like landing on a pillow. I actually preferred to go through a table as opposed to 3D on the mat.”

After almost eight years away from WWE, Jonathan Coachman re-signed with WWE and joined the RAW commentary team alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves, replacing Booker T as color commentary. Eight months later, Coachman would depart the role.