Bad Bunny On Wrestling Career – “It’s Like I Died And Went To Heaven”

Bad Bunny and damian Priest posing

Rap superstar Bad Bunny has discussed his much-lauded WrestleMania bout and saying getting to compete was like he “died and went to heaven.”

Bad Bunny made his first appearance in WWE at the 2021 Royal Rumble when he performed his song named after WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T.

From there the Puerto Rican rap sensation found himself entangled in a feud with The Most Must See WWE Superstar of all time, The Miz and his then-tag team partner, John Morrison.

Bad Bunny even found himself winning gold in the company as he held the 24/7 Championship he won from Akira Tozawa for 28 days before turning the belt over to R-Truth in exchange for some Stone Cold Steve Austin memorabilia.

Speaking to Allure, Bad Bunny recalled being a wrestling fan growing up, doing what many children do growing up, imagining up his own character and says that the sport still influences his work today:

“I had the Lucha libre [action figures], but I also had my own character for when my brother and I wrestled on our parents’ bed,” Bunny recalls. “I had my entrance music and outfit — a jacket that I took from my dad and underwear that we painted and decorated. We’d play that for hours.”

“Truly, wrestling has influenced me a lot, and I’ve applied that to my career. The style, the importance of having a trademark move or phrase or look, and always remembering the element of surprise. In wrestling, the fans love getting caught off guard. I like to create that same emotion with my music.”

Bad Bunny won many plaudits for his outing at WrestleMania 37 where he and Damian Priest defeated The Miz and Morrison. Bunny spent months training for the bout and his effort was not wasted as he provided one of the stand-out performances of WrestleMania and went down for many as the best celebrity crossover in wrestling history.

For Bad Bunny, it’s an event in his life he still keeps replaying:

“It was like I died and went to heaven. I’ve never sat to watch a recording of one of my concerts. Never. But my wrestling fight — I’ve watched it a hundred times. For like a week, I would go to bed watching it.”