Bad Bunny Interferes At WWE WrestleMania 39

Bad Bunny WWE

Bad Bunny made waves in 2021 when he was impressive in his WrestleMania debut, and this year he returned to WWE to interfere on behalf of Rey Mysterio as he took on his son Dominik.

The father and son have been at odds ever since Clash at the Castle in September when Dominik turned on his father and hit Rey’s partner Edge with a devastating low blow. He later made it clear that he’d joined The Judgment Day after the group had been recruiting him for weeks, aligning himself with Rhea Ripley and beginning a path of destruction with his newfound attitude.

Rhea and Dominik haven’t stopped tormenting the Mysterio family in a bid to goad Rey Mysterio into facing his son, interrupting multiple family holidays. Dominik was arrested on Christmas eve after interrupting a family celebration, and he’s taken on a hardened demeanor after his time in the clink.

On the March 24th episode of SmackDown, Rey finally snapped, punching his son and setting the stage for them to face off inside SoFi Stadium.

Bad Bunny Helped Rey Mysterio Defeat His Son At WrestleMania 39

Ahead of the bout between the Mysterios, former 24/7 Champion Bad Bunny made his way into the stadium to join the Spanish commentary team for the bout. His former tag team partner Damian Priest was ringside, as was Finn Balor, the two supporting their fellow Judgment Day member.

Also in attendance were Dominik’s mother Angie and his sister Aalyah, and Dominik spent the match antagonizing them at ringside. He even threw a glass of water in his sister’s face at one point, inciting even more hatred from the crowd. However, Angie got some retribution when she slapped her son in the face.

After Dominik removed a turnbuckle pad and distracted the referee, he retrieved a chain from ringside, clearly intending to use it on his father. However, Bad Bunny had enough, and left his commentary seat to take the chain from Dominik, allowing Rey to hit the 619 and score the victory after months of torture from his son.

WWE will be heading to Bad Bunny’s home of Puerto Rico on May 6th for its Backlash premium live event.

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