Backstage Update On What’s Next For Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins on WWE Raw

At Night of Champions, Seth Rollins was crowned World Heavyweight Champion.

The Raw star overcame AJ Styles in a crowd-pleasing tournament final to capture his first World Title since 2019. In recent months, Rollins’ popularity has hit an all-time high, so his victory was greeted warmly by WWE’s entire fanbase.

However, now the new World Championship is established, and Seth Rollins is sitting at the top of the tree on the red brand, what comes next?

According to Dave Meltzer, what won’t be next is a blockbuster showdown with Brock Lesnar. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer noted that WWE has plans for The Beast to tangle with Cody Rhodes one more time at either Money In The Bank or SummerSlam. He added there is “nothing on the cards right now” for a Rollins vs. Lesnar match.

“They are doing another (Brock Lesnar vs Cody Rhodes) match, I don’t know if it’ll be in London (Money in the Bank) or it’ll be in Detroit (SummerSlam), but they are doing another match.

And I did check and there is nothing on the cards right now for Lesnar with Seth Rollins. They could do it later, but there is nothing in the plans right now. It’s just Lesnar with Cody.”

Seth Rollins Returns To WWE Raw A Hero

Seth Rollins opened the May 29th episode of Raw with streamers falling from the ceiling and his adoring public singing his theme song. Once the cacophony of noise finally dipped to simple admiration, Rollins promised to be on television and always ready for a fight.

This brought out AJ Styles who had been defeated 48 hours earlier. Styles said that fans’ chants of “you deserve it” were misplaced as Rollins had “earned” that World Title. After a handshake, Judgment Day interrupted, setting up a match for later in the night.

In the main event, Rollins and Styles defeated Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

H/t to Wrestle Talk