Backstage Update On Situation Between CM Punk And The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks CM Punk

As CM Punk seemingly begins his journey back to AEW television, repair work is underway to repair the scorched earth he left behind on September 4th, 2022.

After winning the AEW World Championship for a second time at All Out, Punk went on the attack in the post-show media scrum and got into a fight backstage. It was thought by many that this would end his AEW career, but nothing is impossible when it comes to professional wrestling.

With plans for Punk’s return now underway, it has been reported that he is set for a meeting with Chris Jericho, FTR, and Tony Khan. The working theory is that Punk will return to a program with Jericho in some capacity, despite their well-documented differences.

However, there have been no such talks, or planned meetings between Punk and the Young Bucks or Kenny Omega, who were three of his targets on that September night.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer notes that the meeting involving Punk and Jericho is yet to take place. Furthermore, there has been no apology made to the Young Bucks by Punk. Some close to Punk have claimed this is because he’s been told not to contact them.

“Since I’ve been asked about this a lot, Punk has not apologized or attempted to make any direct amends to the Young Bucks, although those close to him said that’s because he’s been told not to have any contact with them and without any contact he couldn’t.

Nobody has said he would if he could or he wouldn’t, because there are people who want everyone to make amends and that was suggested by many of at least an attempt at a way.”

CM Punk To Return In Chicago

Meltzer also reports that CM Punk will be back on AEW television on June 17th at a huge show at the United Center in Chicago. The venue famously played host to his AEW debut back in August 2021.

June 17th is also a Saturday, and it’s believed this is the launch date of AEW’s yet-to-be-announced new Saturday night show.