Backstage Update On Scrapped Match Between Logan Paul And WWE Legend

Logan Paul and his $5m Pokemon Card

One way or another Logan Paul has spent much of his adult life making headlines. Whether that’s on social media, with his podcast, or more recently WWE.

Since stepping into the squared circle Paul has impressed even the most hard-nosed veterans with his ability in the ring, and how quickly he has adapted to being a professional wrestler. This work has seen him compete at WrestleMania and the Royal Rumble, while also defeating The Miz and challenging for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Interestingly, it appears that Paul almost landed another match with a WWE legend before the company backed out and changed plans. Although there had long been pitches for John Cena to face Austin Theory at WrestleMania, the match almost happened at SummerSlam in 2022, with Cena’s schedule getting in the way.

According to a new report from WrestlingNews.Co, this created an opportunity for WWE to go in another direction. This other direction was a match between Cena and Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39. The report notes that WWE “penciled in” the clash between the pair at the spectacular and as recently as December, the match was still on the table.

Late in 2022, Cena teased the clash on social media, and Paul publicly called on Triple H to let him face the 16-time World Champion.

However, come January, plans had changed, and it was decided that Paul would instead be facing Seth Rollins. This in turn saw WWE go back to a match between Cena and Austin Theory. The report states that Cena is a big fan of the young star and the belief is that “Cena is coming in to help put Theory over.”

Logan Paul Cost Seth Rollins The United States Title

Logan Paul spent the tail end of 2022 recovering from a knee injury he sustained in his match at Crown Jewel with Roman Reigns. However, he was back in action in the Royal Rumble match eliminating Seth Rollins. This led Rollins to disparage the star in a number of interviews, while Paul interfered at Elimination Chamber to cost Rollins the United States Championship.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that John Cena will return to WWE Raw on March 6th. It is believed this appearance is to set up his WrestleMania match with Austin Theory.