Backstage Update On Mercedes Mone Potentially Returning To WWE

Mercedes Mone

In what would be one of the more remarkable WWE returns of the modern era, it seems that it’s not inconceivable that Mercedes Mone could rejoin WWE.

Mone, known as Sasha Banks in WWE, walked out of the March 16, 2022, Monday Night Raw alongside Naomi. The pair were Women’s Team Champions at the time but reportedly upset over recent creative.

Mercedes Mone later became a free agent at the turn of the year and made her debut with NJPW at Wrestle Kingdom 17. She then defeated KAIRI at Battle in the Valley a month later to win the IWGP Women’s Championship.

Interestingly, Mone isn’t booked for any more appearances with NJPW or Stardom, beyond April 23rd.

This has led to speculation that she could sign with AEW before appearing at Forbidden Door II, or even return to WWE. Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer notes that while AEW could appeal to due flexibility around other bookings, the door remains open for WWE should she be willing to compromise on certain “points.”

“Her deal with Bushiroad is up on 4/23 and a key is that she was not advertised on the 4/15 show in Washington, DC, where it would have made all the sense in the world for her to work if she was going to work more New Japan dates and she’d be the biggest draw on that show. The ball is in her court when it comes to New Japan, WWE and AEW as I’m sure she could go to any of the three and make a lot of money in both U.S. companies.

She probably could work out an AEW deal where she would be able to work Japan and Mexico if she wanted as well. From the WWE side, we were told there were points that she has asked for that she would have to give up asking for to sign a deal with them but the door is open for her otherwise.”

Could Naomi Join Mercedes Mone In WWE?

While a deal to bring Mercedes Mone back to WWE seems not to be completely out of the question, the situation around Naomi appears much more clear-cut. The star, real name Trinty Fatu recently stated on social media that she was no longer with the company.