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Backstage Reaction To Long-Time WWE Employee Exit – “The Ultimate Proof That No One Is Safe”

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Another long-time WWE executive has left the company according to a new report with sources stated as saying “no one is safe.”

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider the Senior Vice President, Creative Services Stan Stanski left WWE on the 3rd of November after spending 15 years with the company.

Stanski originally joined the promotion back in 2006 as Vice President of Creative Sources before being elevated to his most recent role in the organisation back in Marck 2012.

The report states that one person within the company is quoted as saying that Stanski’s departure is “the ultimate proof that no one is safe” and “yet another reminder this isn’t the same company it was a year ago.” While the mood in the company is said to be one of shock that Stanski has been let go.

Earlier this year the company had a clear-out behind the scenes as it restructured several departments. This is in addition to the series of talent releases the company has overseen this year that were put down to “budget cuts.” Although WWE President Nick Khan raised eyebrows when commented on the releases and questioned if those cut from the company were “moving the needle.”

It should be noted that WWE will be releasing their quarterly earnings on the 4th of November and the report concludes by saying that other departures from WWE may come to light.