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Backstage Reaction To Roman Reigns Hint At Entering “New Phase” Of Career

WWE Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

A new report has detailed the reaction backstage to Roman Reigns’ recent announcement at a WWE Live event that he is entering a “new phase” of his career.

Roman Reigns is currently on the hottest run of his career so far. In the main event of WrestleMania 38, he defeated Brock Lesnar to unify the WWE and Universal Championships and he has held the latter title for a record-shattering 616 days and counting. Over the course of his reigns, The Tribal Chief has defeated every top star WWE has to offer including Seth Rollins, Edge, Bryan Danielson, and John Cena.

However, many began to worry that his dominance over WWE could be coming to an end sooner rather than later as the star announced at a recent WWE Live event in Trenton, New Jersey, that he was moving into a new phase of his career and said that he “honestly doesn’t know” if he will be back in Trenton again.

A new report from Fightful Select has given details of the backstage feeling on the promo. Their sources say that Reigns is still heavily figured into creative plans for the foreseeable future with the expectation being that he won’t be leaving anytime soon.

The report goes on to say that many in WWE already expect the Head of The Table to need time off for movie roles in future although producers and higher-ups have not been informed of any extended time-off coming up.

It was also noted that Roman Reigns is likely to be “incentivised” to keep WWE as his priority as the company intends to factor him into programming going forward. One source also told Fightful that there is a belief believe Reigns was simply referring to cutting down on live events in his schedule.

At the time of writing, Roman Reigns has not elaborated on his comments any further.