Backstage Reaction To CM Punk’s Planned AEW Return

CM Punk

It is widely believed that CM Punk is less than two months away from completely yet another improbable return.

In August 2021 he walked into AEW despite previously suggesting he was done with wrestling, and on June 17th, 2023 he’s expected to star on the premiere episode of AEW Collision after seemingly being on the way out of the company.

Punk’s return will reportedly see him work with Chris Jericho in some capacity, while the AEW roster will be split between Dynamite on Wednesday and Collision on Saturday. Reports have noted that the roster split will also be used as a way of improving backstage harmony with Punk back in the fold.

While many fans are excited at the news that Punk will be back in AEW, that enthusiasm is not shared with much of the locker room.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the new show. He reasoned that although nothing has been announced, talents must be aware of what’s coming due to the roster being split. Meltzer added that “a lot of talent is unhappy” that Punk is coming back.

These comments come after it was reported that not everyone believes that the planned meeting between Punk and Chris Jericho will go well.

“People have to know because the deal is a lot of the talent is going to be staying on Wednesday and a lot is going to be staying on Saturday. The other aspect of it is a lot of talent is unhappy about Punk being back so they’ve been told ‘you don’t have to worry about it because he’s gonna be one show and you’re gonna be on one show’ but they’re still unhappy.”

CM Punk Makes Shock Visit To WWE Raw

Despite being seemingly on the verge of returning to AEW, CM Punk made a surprise visit to the April 24th episode of WWE Raw. Punk is said to have spoken with a number of talents as well as Triple H before being asked to leave.

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