Backstage Reaction To Bad Bunny’s WWE Backlash Appearance Revealed

Bad Bunny at WWE Backlash

As one of the biggest music stars on the planet, Bad Bunny could be forgiven for taking things easy in the ring.

In fact, there is no real pressure on him to do much of anything, after all, he’s a rapper, not a wrestler. However, the man himself seems to see things very differently.

After returning to WWE television at WrestleMania 39, the star was Chokeslammed through the announce table on an episode of Raw, later challenging Damian Priest to a Street Fight.

In the match in front of a passionate Puerto Rican crowd, Bad Bunny turned in one of the best wrestling performances of any celebrity in history. He pulled out a Michinoku Driver early on, flew from the top rope, got driven through a table with a Falcon Arrow, and picked up the win via a steel chair and a Destroyer.

The match also featured run-ins from Savio Vega, Carlito, the LWO, and Judgment Day. All in all, the match was pure chaos, much to the delight of fans in the arena and watching at home.

Following the match it has been reported that the action surpassed what had been expected. A report from WRKD Wrestling stated a number of Superstars were waiting behind the curtain to celebrate with Bad Bunny as he made his way backstage.

There are also hopes backstage that the company will be able to use him at SummerSlam in some form.

WWE “Ecstatic” With Bad Bunny Vs. Damian Priest

A further report from Fightful Select also highlighted the success of the match. The report stated that WWE was “ecstatic” with how the match went down with one source commenting “the spot paid for itself in publicity.”

Fightful also dismissed rumours that Brian Kendrick had been involved in producing the match, however, he did help train Bad Bunny alongside Damian Priest.