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Backstage Reaction To AEW Debut of Sting


Following Sting’s monumental AEW debut on this week’s Dynamite, AEW Tag Team Champions and EVPs The Young Bucks spoke with Jon Alba and Doug McDonald on the Living The Gimmick Podcast and discussed the backstage reaction to Sting appearing in the corridor of Daily’s Place as he made his way to the Go position.

“He was hidden all day in the trailer in the back and, when it was time to go, we had one of our guys from Atlas leading him through the entire commonplace area to the Go and, as he walked by, he was just tunnel vision and he was going to walk straight through to where he needed to get to, and all the boys and girls, their heads started turning like it was the Exorcist. They were like, “What?” It was really fun to see everyone mark out, have a mark out moment like that and, when they did that, and when I saw the reaction to all the talent, I knew that it was going to be a big moment, an even bigger moment on television.”

Sting’s AEW debut has taken the internet by storm today, with Eric Bischoff among the excited parties following The Icon’s return to TNT after almost two decades.

Immediately following Sting’s AEW appearance, the company would confirm his official signing, stating that the WWE Hall of Famer has signed a full-time, multi-year deal.

Tune in to AEW DYNAMITE on TNT next week to see why Sting is joining the most boundless promotion in all of wrestling.

You can follow Living The Gimmick podcast here and listen here. The full Young Bucks interview will be available next week, but you can listen to it via Patreon here.

H/T to Comic Book for the quotes.