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Backstage Notes On Mustafa Ali’s WWE Raw Return

Mustafa Ali Miz

A new report shed light on the details behind Mustafa Ali’s return to WWE on Monday Night Raw.

The April 25th episode of Monday Night Raw featured an episode of MizTV with Theory as a special guest. After discussing Theory’s name change and his United States Championship win over Finn Balor, the pair were interrupted by Mustafa Ali, who hasn’t been seen on WWE television since being defeated by Drew McIntyre on SmackDown in October 2021 and requested his release from WWE last January.

After Theory refused to put his United States Championship on the line, Mustafa Ali went one on one with The Miz and scored his first victory since he and Mansoor defeated Lucha House Party on Main Event on August 30th, 2021.

Mustafa Ali didn’t have much time to celebrate his victory over the Miz, as he was attacked by the newly renamed Ciampa, formerly known as Tommaso Ciampa.

A new report from Fightful Select provided more information about Mustafa Ali’s return, noting that the creative team was responsible for ideas to bring him back to television. According to the report, as of Sunday afternoon Ali was set to lose to the former WWE Champion in their match, but that most of the other plans played out as intended.

The report also notes that Mustafa Ali wasn’t aware of the creative plans when he was scheduled to be at Monday Night Raw and meet with John Laurinitis. The people that spoke to Fightful indicated that Ali was comfortable referencing the reasons for his absence from television, and multiple talent and backstage staff were pleased to see him return to work.

The Fightful Select report also confirms that Mustafa Ali’s contract is set to expire in 2024, and noted that while WWE had the ability to freeze the contract during his absence, that has not happened. There is still a possibility that WWE could extend the contract, but no one in touch with Fightful indicated that this was the plan within the company.

Following the news that Mustafa Ali had asked to leave the company, it was revealed that he was spurred into action following a “heated argument” with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. The disagreement was was in relation to Ali’s creative direction and lack of action in recent months.

However, it was later reported that Ali’s request had been denied, and his deal with WWE had “multiple years” remaining.

Writing on social media back in February, Ali said he would see everyone in “two and a half years,” seemingly a reference to the time remaining on his WWE contract.