Backstage Details On What Vince McMahon’s Current WWE Role REALLY Is

Vince McMahon in WWE office

On January 6th Vince McMahon returned to WWE despite retiring just six months earlier.

It later emerged that McMahon had attempted to return sooner but was blocked by the Board of Directors. McMahon’s solution to this problem was to use his status as majority shareholder to reinstate himself to the Board along with two associates. He promptly removed three serving members to make room, while two more quit with immediate effect.

On January 10th it was announced that co-CEO Stephanie McMahon had left the company and Vince had been elected Executive Chairman. This naturally led many to believe that he would soon be back running creative as he had done previously. This is despite claims from the man himself that he has merely returned to help facilitate the sale of the company.

This speculation went into overdrive in recent days following reports that he’s now “back in the office.”

Vince McMahon Hasn’t attended Any Creative Meetings

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has now attempted to clear up what McMahon’s role is. Meltzer states that while McMahon has returned to work, gone are the days of working long into the night and attending lengthy creative meetings.

“As for Vince McMahon, there is a difference in him at the office between the Vince of before and this Vince. He is generally working on the sale, and hasn’t been to any television shoots yet nor at any creative meetings. It was noted to us that the Vince who was at the office all night and sometimes into the early morning is not the case at this point as he leaves work now at a normal time since his duties are lessened, most notably the long creative meetings. But even on nights without long creative meetings the old Vince would be in the office until late at night.”

It was recently revealed that Vince McMahon is facing a third lawsuit in connection to his WWE return. The news came after he reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with former referee Rita Chatterton over an alleged rape in 1986.