Backstage Details On New AEW & Warner Bros Discovery Deal

AEW Warner Bros Discovery logos

Major changes are in store for AEW programming, and a new report details what fans can expect to see as the company announces its new deal with Warner Bros Discovery.

Since the company’s television debut in October of 2019, All Elite Wrestling has been in partnership with Warner Bros Discovery. Dynamite debuted on TNT and has since moved to sister station TBS, while Rampage remains on TNT on Friday nights. Dark and Dark: Elevation, which aired on YouTube, were recently scrapped as all AEW content will reportedly air exclusively on WBD channels, though this exclusivity does not extend to Ring of Honor, which is also owned by AEW President Tony Khan.

It’s been reported recently that the company is set to add a Saturday program called Collision to its lineup, and it’s expected that Collision’s June 17th debut will feature the return of CM Punk, though those details have yet to be confirmed by the company.

According to a recent report, AEW and Warner Bros Discovery are set to announce their new television deal on May 17th at WBD’s Upfront event.

What’s In Store For AEW Programming When AEW Collision Debuts?

A new report from Fightful Select provides insight into the changes set for All Elite Wrestling’s television presence, noting that there are “major plans and a marquee match” tentatively scheduled for Collision’s debut.

According to the report, Rampage is set to change into a lower tier program similar to what WWF Heat used to be for WWE. Independent talent are said to be more likely to get opportunities on Ring of Honor, which is not subject to being aired exclusively on WBD channels. Fightful has not heard that a new deal has officially been reached.

Sources told Fightful that the advent of Collision on primetime television is part of a new cash infusion into All Elite Wrestling and an extension of the partnership between the two companies. According to the report, WBD sources have spoken highly of their partnership with All Elite Wrestling.

Continuing, the report details rumors that the deal between AEW and WBD could be worth $1 billion over a few years, which could realistically be true but has not been confirmed by sources. WBD sources told Fightful that the company’s upcoming announcement was regarding the debut of Collision rather than an all-encompassing deal that also included Dynamite. No dollar figure has been confirmed by either company.

The report also notes that rumors of talks between WBD and WWE were quickly shot down by sources.

Collision reportedly has several Saturday dates scheduled for the program to air live, but Fightful was told that the company may book a venue for two days straight and tape the show on Thursdays if necessary.

Following news of CM Punk’s impending return to the company, reports indicated that the show will have a separate roster, which could aid in keeping him separate from The Elite after their very public falling out last year. However, Fightful notes that both sets of talent could appear on both shows when necessary. Instead of a hard brand split, the idea is said to have a “fresh roster approach” with “some significant names.”