Some Backstage At AEW Are Pushing For MJF To Turn Fully Babyface

MJF recovers after being put through a table

Since MJF retuned to All Elite Wrestling at All Out he has begun to be cheered more and more by the AEW faithful. On occasion, the star himself has even briefly flirted with performing as a babyface before quickly returning to his traditional role as a heel. However, as the cheers get louder they are getting harder to ignore.

On the October 26th edition of AEW Dynamite MJF was cheered to the rafters for much of an interview segment with Renee Paquette, although did briefly attempt to bring back the jeers. As the show ended, the star came to the aid of Jon Moxley who was being attacked by The Firm. MJF promptly sacked his crew, before also being beaten down and smashed through a table.

Some Within AEW Want MJF To Become A Fully-Fledged Babyface

Interestingly, there appears to be a growing level of enthusiasm from some within AEW to have the star fully embrace the babyface role. Speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez stated that many believe MJF could be a “generational babyface.”

“Ever since he came back, the fans have wanted to cheer him. When he first came back, he was not supposed to be a babyface, he was supposed to be a heel. And they cheered and they cheered and they cheered. Then, for several weeks, they started doing the deal where he would come out before the show and bury the crowd to try to make sure that he was booed during the show because they wanted him to be a heel.”

“Well, now they are no longer doing that. Now they are just going with it at this moment. The question is do you go all the way with it or do you do whatever and he ends up being a heel again. What I can tell you is there are people within AEW that strongly believe that they should go with him as a babyface right now. They feel that he could be a massive babyface star for AEW. They think that is what he should do now.”

“There are people who believe he could be a generational babyface. That was not the intention when he came back but things happen.”

Despite this, it has been suggested that the man himself wishes to remain a heel.

MJF will be back in action at Full Gear when he takes on Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship.

H/t to WrestlingNewsCo