B-Fab Recalls Being Surprised By Brock Lesnar – “He’s Really Nice”

Brock Lesnar

Former WWE Superstar B-Fab has recalled an interaction with Brock Lesnar that left her stunned, as it turned out The Beast Incarnate was nicer than he appears on screen.

Brock Lesnar might be one of WWE’s top stars but over the years he has garnered a reputation for not playing well with others after run-ins with the likes of Chris Jericho, and most recently, Shane McMahon.

However, despite Lesnar’s reputation, one former WWE Superstar says she was pleasantly surprised when she met the former WWE Champion. Hit Row’s B-Fab was speaking at a virtual signing for East Coast Autograph Auctions when she was asked if there was anybody in the WWE locker room that had surprised her:

“Who surprised me? I would say honestly, Brock Lesnar surprised me because he’s really nice and he’s very soft-spoken and I was not expecting that. Like I was expecting him to be just like, ‘Don’t talk to me, no one look at me,’ and he was super nice. He came up to me and shook my hand and was like, ‘Hey, welcome.’ I was like, ‘Woah. This is awesome.’ He was really awesome, and Roman Reigns is really cool too. He’s a really nice guy.”

B-Fab spent most of her WWE career as part of the NXT brand where she competed in all 10 of her matches for WWE over a two-year spell. She became part of Hit Row alongside Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott, Top Dolla, and Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis before the group was drafted to SmackDown in October 2021.

However, just weeks after the group was called up to the blue brand, B-Fab was released from her WWE contract just days before the rest of the group were also let go.

h/t POST Wrestling