NXT’s Axiom Bears Striking Resemblance To Independent Star


The debut of Axiom in NXT has people talking, but some fans noticed he looked a bit too similar to an independent star!

On the July 19th episode of NXT 2.0, Axiom sped onto the scene, debuting a character that’s part math whiz and part superhero who uses calculations as part of his powerset. With an impressive entrance and stellar lucha libre offense, the former A-Kid shone in his victory over Dante Chen.

However, the star’s black and gold mask and bodysuit looked eerily familiar to fans of independent star Razerwyng, who has been portraying a very similar character since his 2017 debut.

In fact, the former CHIKARA star has been taking jabs at the NXT gimmick since the look was revealed online last week, and pointed out during NXT 2.0 that the similarities between the two extend even to Razer’s signature pose.

Fans chimed in on social media, with artist @kirameks sharing artwork that they’d created in 2020 which again shows a nearly identical pose.

Despite having his appearance copied in NXT, the Air Show member wants to make sure people know there is no ill will toward the former A-Kid for the decision.

I harbor no ill-will toward whoever is under the mask, rest assured. If you wanna see what I’m all about, you can catch me on promotions like @OperationDD, @beyondwrestling, @ISDub, @H2OWRESTLING, and many others!

Check out some of my free matches here: http://razerwyng.com/wrestling/free-matches

The cybernetic space bird also pointed out that he’s been outspoken about political ideas held by both Linda McMahon and Kane in the past, and quipped that this might be the reason for WWE choosing to go this route with the new NXT star.

“This is because I told Kane and Linda to get fucked over their shitty stances on abortion, isn’t it?”

The star formerly known as Razerhawk debuted in CHIKARA in 2017 and is a former Young Lion’s Cup holder. Along with Sylverhawk, Nytehawk, and later Danjerhawk, he was part of a group called Xyberhawx2000 until his departure from the company in 2020. Now, he and MACH10 (the former Danjerhawk) make up the tag team the Air Show, and can be found competing in various promotions including Beyond Wrestling, H20 Wrestling, and Dropkick Depression, where he currently reigns as champion.

Razerwyng isn’t the only one to call out NXT for its presentation of Axiom. IMPACT star Chelsea Green took to social media after the debut and claimed that the gimmick was one that had been pitched by Deonna Purrazzo during her time in the company, which Purrazzo confirmed.