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Austin Theory Wins United States Championship On Raw

Austin Theory Finn Balor

Theory defeated Finn Balor to win the United States Championship, his first title win since joining WWE!

Finn Balor and Theory (formerly known as Austin Theory) have been at odds with one another for months. Animosity between the two ramped up back in December when, enraged by losing to Balor on Raw, Vince McMahon’s protégé attacked the former Universal Champion backstage and delivered a brutal beatdown that wrote Balor off television for nearly a month.

When Balor returned to Raw in January, he once again faced the young star, who was looking to impress Vince McMahon by picking up a win. Sure enough, Theory was able to defeat Finn Balor on that occasion, but Balor was once again off television for about a month due to visa issues.

Their rivalry renewed once again when Finn Balor returned to television, and on the March 21st episode of Raw, Finn Balor picked up a win after interference from Pat McAfee ahead of his match with Theory at WrestleMania 38.

Last week, the young star approached Sonya DeVille and Adam Pearce and requested a United States Title match, which he was granted, and the two faced off with the title on the line on the April 18th episode of Raw. In the end, Theory was able to pin Finn Balor and become the new United States Champion, his first title win since he signed with the WWE.

After the match, members of the WWE locker room came out to celebrate with the new champion, lifting him up on their shoulders.

To add to the celebration, Vince McMahon himself came out to congratulate his protégé on his monumental win, and Theory took a selfie with his mentor.

Austin Theory gained the on-screen attention of Mr. McMahon after he was revealed to be the culprit behind the Chairman’s missing Cleopatra’s Egg at Survivor Series. Theory admitted to stealing the egg so that he could take a selfie with it, and McMahon admired the young star’s gumption.

Elsewhere on Monday Night Raw, Rhea Ripley attacked Liv Morgan after the pair failed to capture the Women’s Tag Team Championships, and a double wedding in the 24/7 Championship division descended into chaos. Full results from the episode can be found here.