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Austin Theory Hits Out At Vince McMahon Stigma

Austin Theory Vince McMahon

Austin Theory dispels the notion that Vince McMahon is mean or one-sided in his discussions.

Ever since he stole Cleopatra’s Egg out of Vince McMahon’s office to take a selfie with it, Austin Theory has had a unique relationship with the WWE Chairman on Monday Night Raw. Vince has taken Theory under his wing as a protégé, and the young star has tried to prove himself to McMahon.

In an interview with TVInsider, Austin Theory reflected on how big of a deal it is working with Vince McMahon having been a lifelong WWE fan and what he’s learned from his mentor.

“I’m in a position that anyone who aspired to do anything in WWE would be so honored to have. I understand just how big a deal the position I am in is. Just how crazy it is for me as a lifelong fan who grew up watching Mr. McMahon and the crazy things he did. It’s cool to be put in a position to perform live television with him.

“The one thing I’ve learned from him is this respectful aggressiveness. Showing you have that respect, but if you have an idea and are passionate about something, you have to use that aggressiveness to go after it. There are little tips as we perform that I take away from for sure.”

Austin Theory went on to speak about the stigma attached to the WWE Chairman and said that in his experience, Mr. McMahon has always been willing to have a conversation with his employees despite the many hats he has to wear to run the company.

“For me, there has always been the stigma of Vince McMahon that he is not nice or one-way about stuff. That it’s his way or no way. From what I’ve seen and my experience, he is on another level. All the hats he wears. He is so invested in everybody and somehow makes everything work. I think that’s so crazy to see him doing it for that long and staying that sharp.

“If I have a question or see anybody have a question, and they want to talk to him, they always get an answer. They always get a conversation. I think that is so cool to really see the passion he still has for what he does. It hasn’t left him at all. For me personally, it is cool to know this man’s a billionaire and still working like he has a grand in his bank account.”

Austin Theory is set to face Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 38 after Vince McMahon appeared on the Pat McAfee Show and offered the SmackDown commentator a chance to compete on the Grandest Stage Of Them All.