Austin Theory Hilariously Warns Brock Lesnar To Stay Away From “Dangerous” WWE Star

Brock Lesnar hits Austin Theory with ring steps

Austin Theory had a breakout year on WWE’s main roster in 2022. From being taken under Vince McMahon’s wing to winning the United States Championship and then the Money In The Bank briefcase, the young star has been on the rise.

Theory did have some bumps in the road, though, particularly when he was Mr Money In The Bank. The first two times he tried to cash in the coveted briefcase, he was knocked out cold, once with a punch from Tyson Fury at Clash at the Castle, and before that Brock Lesnar met him on his way to cash in at SummerSlam, dropping him on the floor with an F5.

SummerSlam wasn’t Theory’s only encounter with Lesnar though, as he has been on the receiving end of assaults from the Beast Incarnate on Raw and SmackDown. If Theory meets him again, though, he thinks he might know someone who is too much even for The Conqueror.

Austin Theory thinks another Raw star is too dangerous for Brock Lesnar

During an interview with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc., Theory was asked his thoughts on Dominik Mysterio. The star said the hardened criminal – who spent a harrowing day in prison after invading his father, Rey Mysterio’s home – was “a little too dangerous” for Lesnar.

“I think Dom’s a little too dangerous for Brock. That’s Prison Dom we’re talking about.

“I mean, [Dom] did some hard times, man. That’s a touchy subject. I don’t think Brock even wants to speak on that.”

Theory was also asked about the unique connection he has to Dominik with the two being the only Generation Z wrestlers on the WWE roster right now. The star explained that it’s a “unique” situation for the pair.

“Man, it’s very unique, especially with Dom. Me and him are really good friends. So both being 25 years old and having the position that we both have, and just the level of being on “Monday Night Raw” and what we’re given, it’s amazing.

“And especially like you said, having that different dynamic and that different fan base to really look at us because … We’re the guys right now.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription