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Aubrey Edwards Lifts The Lid On Her AEW Games Role

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AEW Official, Aubrey Edwards, has spoken out about her role in the AEW Games venture after being part of the hosting panel which announced the trio of upcoming games.

Alongside Kenny Omega, Britt Baker and Cody, Edwards was one of the four names present at AEW Games 1.0 Special Event back in November. Ever since, fans have been pondering what her role is in the project.

With Kenny Omega – who has the largest input in the creation of the upcoming AEW console effort – Britt Baker and Cody all noted gamers, AEW’s fearless referee seemed like an odd choice to include in that bracket.

However, as she told Game Informer, the self-confessed gamer is the mastermind behind the incoming mobile release, AEW Elite General Manager:

“It’s almost like a hybrid role. I’m doing development things in the way that I’m working with art and making sure that all of our characters are represented properly, that our brand is represented properly. I’m working with the team to work on different features and follow the game design that we’re building with this game. I’m currently writing some narrative stuff for tutorials and whatnot. So I’m doing a lot of random day-to-day development stuff, but at the same time kind of acting as that publisher role as well, working with marketing and trying to figure out what our timelines are there and working with budgets and all these different things.”

AEW Elite General Manager will see the player placed in the role of AEW booker, allowing them to choose their roster, champions, cards and events in order to dominate the wrestling world. It is, in essence, everything fans of the WWE 2K series have been calling for in their request of the hugely popular GM Mode.

With release dates currently closely guarded, AEW will air 2.Show on December 30 immediately following Dynamite to provide an update on all three releases. The event will be hosted by Kenny Omega.

Credit for the interview: Game Informer

h/t for the transcription: Fightful