Attitude Era Star Recalls Repeatedly “Blowing Out The Crotch” On WWE Ring Gear

Pete Gas Rodney Joey Abs and Shane McMahon walk to the ring

The Mean Street Posse was a staple of WWE’s Attitude Era.

The sweater vest-clad trio of Pete Gas, Joey Abs, and Rodney were said to be childhood friends of Shane McMahon from the “mean streets” of Greenwich, Connecticut.

McMahon brought them into the company in 1999 to act as his muscle and help him in his feuds over the European Championship.

Eventually, they turned on Shane and went their own way but quickly became enhancement talent, taking losses to star teams like Too Cool, Edge & Christian, and The Dudley Boyz. They also became involved in the Harcore Championship scene when it was defended under 24/7 rules.

In late 2000, the trio were moved to Memphis Championship Wrestling before ultimately being released from their contracts in June 2001.

Pete Gas recalls the trouble with his outfit during his WWE career

The Posse were known for their ‘uniform’ of sweater vests and khakis, although Pete Gas would rather have been able to change to something else.

During an appearance on Barstool Rasslin’, he discussed how being the “clean-cut” member of the group led to a few restrictions on his appearance.

“Yeah, after a while. We kind of wanted to change it up, and that was our signature thing. There were certain things they didn’t want us to change. One was, I wasn’t allowed facial hair. I wasn’t allowed tattoos.

“I had to be the clean-cut one. Rodney and Joey Abs got to do whatever they wanted. Rodney had a different haircut at all times. Shane wanted to have one clean-cut guy and that was me. No facial hair. I couldn’t grow a goatee back then. I would have had some kind of facial hair.”

Gas went on to explain that Shane had advised him not to change his look so that things were kept “consistent.”

Unfortunately, the khakis in particular quickly became an issue as all three men were regularly “blowing out the crotch” until they were eventually able to turn to something “substantial.”

When asked why he couldn’t change up the look, Gas replied, “That was Shane’s advice, he wanted to keep that consistent. We had khaki pants for the longest time. At one point, one of us was blowing out the crotch in those things every week. Someone on Raw would blow out their crotch in those Khakis, so we had to go to something substantial. We used Lucky Jeans.”

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.