Attitude Era Star Admits To Bullying Talent During His WWE Run

WWE veterans, The Godfather, Bradshaw, Faarooq - Ron Simmons

It is often said that WWE, especially in years gone by, was an ultra-competitive environment backstage and that made the locker room not the most welcoming of places.

Talent lived in paranoid fear of someone ‘taking their spot,’ while ribs, practical jokes, and even hazing were rife.

One man seemingly on a mission to make amends for his past discretions is Charles Wright, the WWE Hall of Famer better known as The Godfather. The star arrived in WWE in 1991 and eventually became Papa Shango, before briefly the company. Wright returned in 1995 as Kama, joining the Nation of Domination as Kama Mustafa two years later. However, his fan favourite status was only cemented when he took on the role of The Godfather the fun-loving pimp.

The Godfather Comments On Bullying WWE Star

In mid-2000 Godfather gave up his partying and womanising ways to join the Right to Censor as The Goodfather. During this period he teamed with Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, Val Venis, and Ivory. In the years following his retirement, the veteran has been vocal about how much he disliked changing his character and joining the group.

Speaking during an appearance on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, the star has admitted that he took out this frustration on Steven Richards, something he regrets.

“One day I’m going to apologize to him for the way that I treated him when I see him. I was kind of a bully to him because I kind of blamed him for me becoming The Goodfather when it was not his fault at all. But I couldn’t blame Vince, but I was kind of a d**khead to him.”

By the time Wright left the group his full-time career was coming to an end. After returning to his Godfather persona in early 2002, the star lasted less than a year before being released. Wright was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016 and regularly makes special appearances on WWE television. The star was featured most recently in a backstage skit on the 30th-anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw.

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