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Atsushi Onita On How Britt Baker Helped Inspire FMW Revival

Japanese deathmatch innovator Atushi Onita has spoken of how Britt Baker’s ‘Lights Out’ match with Thunder Rosa played a part in the revival of his legendary promotion, FMW.

Onita resurrected his old company earlier this year, under the new name of FMW:E – with the ‘E’ standing for ‘Exposion’.

Now whilst the explosion deathmatch has already featured in All Elite Wrestling, in a match that Onita himself has praised, it was actually another AEW contest that helped inspire the legendary competitor.

Onita’s vision for FMW:E seems to be based on variety, with women’s wrestling playing a key role, and in an exclusive interview with Inside the Ropes, Onita revealed how the Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa ‘Lights Out’ match from Dynamite had informed this decision:

I saw Britt Baker’s match at AEW a while back. It was bloody and gutsy, and it was cool. When I entered CZW, there was a good hardcore woman wrestler, and a few years ago at WrestleMania, WWE also focused on women. If motivated women get together, I would like to do an explosion deathmatch for women wrestlers..

It remains to be seen whether Dr Baker could be tempted over to Japan for an Explosion Deathmatch but it certainly appears that Onita has been keeping an eye on AEW programming.

FMW:E recent held its first show, Independence Day, and has plans for several more shows across the coming months.