Asuka – “I May As Well Go Back To Japan”

Asuka In A Mask

Asuka lost at WrestleMania — again — and she isn’t happy about it.

Asuka earned her shot at the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair back in February with victory inside the Elimination Chamber. However, many fans criticised the rivalry in the lead-up to WrestleMania due to a perceived lack of story between the two women.

By the time the match rolled around on night two of WrestleMania, both women were cheered heavily. Although in the end, it was Belair who scored the win, extending her title reign which began back at WrestleMania with victory over Becky Lynch.

The defeat was Asuka’s 5th at WrestleMania, meaning she has never won at the event. In response to a fan suggesting that she deserves better, Asuka hinted that she agrees.

“I might as well go back to Japan… But I bet a lot of you guys my friends will miss me when I leave WWE? Now I need the power of your anger. Let’s bring chaos to the boring Women’s Division with meLet’s bring chaos to the Women’s Division, let’s bring chaos to the WWE”

Asuka And Bayley Considering Their Future?

Asuka’s comments came on the same day that former Women’s Champion Bayley hinted that she could leave WWE. In a post on social media, the Monday Night Raw star wrote “And sometimes the most romantic love story comes to an end. Bye”

While this could mean that Bayley is disbanding Damage CTRL after their loss on the opening night of WrestleMania, others have wondered whether she might follow close friend Mercedes Mone out of the company.