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Arturo Ruas Sidelined With Injury

Arturo Ruas Thumb

As per Fightful, NXT Superstar Arturo Ruas has been sidelined with an injury which he picked up during the November 18 edition of the black and gold brand.

Though specifics have not been outlined, it has been reported that Ruas suffered a torn bicep during his bout with Kushida which he lost.

Wednesday night was the return of Arturo Ruas to his former home after he was called up to WWE’s main roster during the recent 2020 WWE Draft. Placed on Monday Night Raw during the re-shuffle, the Brazilian didn’t make one appearance for the red brand and was quickly sent back to NXT without warning.

He has competed on Main Event in 2020 in losses to Mustafa Ali and Humberto Carrillo and on Raw Underground, however, that was prior to the draft.

It was reported by Fightful that NXT had bigger plans for the star moving forward and in conjunction with his bout against ‘The Time Splitter’, Ruas had also filmed additional material for the promotion’s digital channels which did not make air likely because it couldn’t be followed up on due to the injury.

It is currently unknown how long Arturo Ruas will be out of action, though Edge suffered the same injury back in April and he is not expected to return until January.