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Arturo Ruas On Raw Underground – “They Didn’t Even Ask My Name”

Raw Underground

Arturo Ruas may not be a name all too familiar to viewers of Raw but for two months in 2020, he was a part of the short-lived fight club that was Raw Underground.

Shane McMahon was the on-screen mastermind behind Raw Underground where less established stars mingled with WWE veterans in a fight club-style environment. Current Raw Tag Team Champion Omos acted as McMahon’s bouncer, watching the door to let in the fighters and keep out undesirables. Commander Azeez competed several times under his former ring name of Dabba-Kato.

Surrounding the fighting area were a plethora of mainly NXT competitors and Performance Center hopefuls. One of those was Arturo Ruas who after a handful of NXT matches was called up to the red brand as part of Raw Underground.

Speaking to Lucha Libre Online [translation via Luis Pulido] Ruas detailed his short-lived time on Raw:

“My first experience in Main Roster was when Paul Heyman was the [Executive Director] of Raw and he came down to NXT on a frequent basis to talk to us about the business. He came up to me and told me “You are ready for the Main Roster”. Time passed on and Heyman was removed from his position and we did not know what was going on, but four to six weeks later, we started to talk about Raw Underground, and then it happened.”

“The only thing here is that I received a message that only has a location, a time, the arena, and the date. We had a work app and my profile no longer said NXT, but it did say Raw, so I headed to the arena and it was Raw. Everything happened very quickly, as they did not even ask what my name was or anything. Paul Heyman spoke to me prior, but after he left the plans changed to RAW Underground. I loved doing it and I loved my time there, but it ended really quickly.”

Raw Underground disappeared just as quickly as it turned up. After the segment debuted on August 3rd, the last segment featuring McMahon’s fight club aired on the 21st of September.

Since then Arturo Ruas competed once on NXT in a losing effort to Kushida. Ruas was released from his contract with the company along with several other NXT talents on the 25th of June.

Credit: Lucha Libre Online

h/t Fightful for the transcription