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Arn Anderson – “There’s No Such Thing As Having An Argument With Vince McMahon”

Vince McMahon

Arn Anderson has discussed Vince McMahon not being somebody that you should argue with on a recent episode of his ‘ARN’ podcast.

Anderson worked for Vince McMahon in WWE for eighteen years as a road agent and backstage producer following the demise of WCW in 2001. Anderson discussed how to approach McMahon when presenting an idea to the boss:

“There’s no such thing as having an argument with Vince McMahon. It’s you go in, you present an idea. Hoping that it’s the right day, the right time of day, the mood is right. Sometimes, occasionally, you will get him to review that idea with a clear head. Sometimes you get it pushed through.”

Anderson also touched on the rumours about him having arguments backstage with McMahon and that being a reason why he was let go from the company.

Arn said:

“There’s no such thing as having an argument. I found this amusing, there were some rumours when I first was terminated with the company that the reason was, there had been ‘quite a few’ backstage arguments between Vince McMahon and I. There probably would have only been one and I would have been out the door much earlier. That’s not a guy you argue with. It’s a guy you sometimes try to reason with and sometimes you get through. Sometimes you don’t.”

Arn Anderson entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012 as a member of the legendary Four Horsemen. The former 4-time NWA/WCW World Television Champion has worked in All Elite Wrestling since the end of 2019. On the podcast, Anderson discussed his role in that company as Cody Rhodes’ coach, and the relationship the two share.

Arn’s AEW compatriot Jim Ross also discussed McMahon on his podcast and how McMahon never opened up to anyone about family issues.

Credit: ARN