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Arn Anderson Says A Fight Between Simmons And Lesnar Is A “Coinflip”

Ron Simmons Brock Lesnar

Arn Anderson says don’t count out Ron Simmons if the former WCW World Champion ever found himself in a real fight with ‘The Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar.

Simmons is a College Football Hall of Fame inductee after a stellar career at Florida State University. The two-time All American had his number 50 jersey retired by the University in 1988. Following a brief spell in the NFL and the USFL Simmons found his calling in professional wrestling.

Beginning his wrestling career in 1986 for Jim Crockett Promotions, Simmons reached the zenith of his career in 1992. By defeating Vader, Simmons won the WCW World Champion, becoming the first recognised African American star to achieve that feat.

Brock Lesnar’s athletic career began playing football for Webster High School, where he also competed in amateur wrestling. Lesnar also became an All-American athlete in college. He gained the honor twice as a junior and twice in the NCAA Division 1 for wrestling. In 2000, Lesnar won the highest accolade in college wrestling when he became NCAA Division 1 Heavyweight Champion.

Brock Lesnar turned this collegiate success into an almost unparalleled professional wrestling and mixed-martial arts career. The youngest WWE Champion of all time at the age of 25, a title Lesnar has held a further four times. A three times Universal Champion in addition to being a former IWGP Heavyweight Champion. Lesnar confirmed his cross-sport credentials when he joined UFC and became UFC Heavyweight Champion in 2008.

Arn Anderson knows both these men very well. Anderson competed alongside Simmons in JCP in the late eighties and early nineties. Anderson also worked backstage as a producer in WWE from 2001 until 2019. That time frame encompasses both of Lesnar’s WWE runs.

Speaking on an ‘Ask Arn Anything’ edition of his ARN podcast, the head coach of The Nightmare Family was asked to rate Lesnar and Simmons chances if the two legendary athletes were ever to face one another in anger.

Anderson responded:

“I wouldn’t bet against Simmons with anybody really, but Lesnar’s just so skilled. He’s just one of those rare [athletes] and he’s so big and he’s so strong. And he has that amateur wrestling ability. That would be a coinflip, and I’m being very very honest, who knows? Simmons in his prime, nobody gave him too much sh*t that’s for sure.”

Arn Anderson enters the wrestling ring again for AEW on an upcoming edition of Dynamite. The former Horseman will act as the special referee for the exhibition match between Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall.

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