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Arn Anderson Responds To Jim Cornette’s Criticism Of AEW

Arn Anderson responds to Jim Cornette's criticism of AEW

On a recent episode of his podcast ARN, Arn Anderson answered listener-submitted questions, and was asked about his thoughts on Jim Cornette criticising AEW.

Cornette has been outspoken about his dislike of AEW and its talent, notably trashing the Stadium Stampede match from Double or Nothing from May this year on his own podcast. Cornette said “I’m ashamed of Matt Hardy. I’m ashamed of Tony Schiavone. I’m ashamed of Jim Ross for not walking out on this. I’m ashamed of everyone involved in it”

Arn Anderson responded “Well, Jimmy like everybody else and every single person on this earth they have a right to their opinion. I would just say stay true to whatever you truly believe and you have a right to feel any way you want.”

He continued “I also think we all have to evolve, and we have to cater to some of what’s already been introduced as far as higher impact moves and bumps and things of that nature and just the sheer physical part of how the business has evolved.”

Arn seemed to agree with some of the criticisms levied by Cornette against the company when he said: “We’ve got to dial down a little bit of the danger and some of the things that talent are doing.” but countered “We’ve gotta be flexible in our thought process and more or less get our finger on the pulse of, which is most important, what does the audience want and listen to our audience and listen to what they say,” and pointedly concluded by saying that “You’ve gotta be receptive to change, everything changes including our business.”

You can listen to the whole clip below.