Arn Anderson Remembers Making Bobby Eaton Vomit On A Road Trip

Arn Anderson Thumb

‘Double A’ Arn Anderson has told the tale of a hectic car ride he took with the legendary Bobby Eaton and ring announcer Tony Gillam whilst part of The Dangerous Alliance.

Following the split of both The Four Horsemen and The Midnight Express when Jim Cornette and Stan Lane departed World Championship Wrestling in 1991, the faction known as The Dangerous Alliance were born at Clash of Champions XVII when Bobby Eaton turned heel on Sting and conspired with the artist currently known as Paul Heyman to keep the talent out of his match with Rick Rude.

Joining forces with Rude, Larry Zbyszko and ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin, Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton temporarily became the biggest heel faction in World Championship Wrestling.

Now, ‘The Enforcer’ has taken to his ARN Podcast to tell a hilarious story from a road trip he took with Eaton and ring announcer Tony Gillam which ended with the former Midnight Express member covering the vehicle in vomit and Arn Anderson naked:

“I’ll give you a really insane road story, it involves Tony Gilliam, who was a ring announcer, and Bobby Eaton. It’s Bobby Eaton and myself, we’ve got a minivan – sitting in the back was Tony Gilliam. Now we’re going on Highway 70 from Kansas City to some place, whatever the town was and it is pouring rain. This is in the afternoon, we had just got done eating lunch – we might have went to a buffet or something and really overdid it. So Bobby and I used to have this lil’ game we used to play and it’s called ‘Burp and Blow’. I would burp, blow on him – he would sell the p*ss out of it; he would sneak up on me, burp, blow it on my face. Very childish, very immature.”

The childish game would backfire on Arn Anderson thanks to the non-existent tolerance for strong smells from his partner in crime. Having eaten onions and garlic especially to pull the prank, ‘Double A’ was soon regretting his choice when Eaton vomited all over him:

“We’re going down a road about 70 miles per hour and it’s raining like hell and I caught Bobby not paying attention, and I leaned over, burped and blew in his face. Just so happens we had loaded up on onions and garlic that day. Anybody who knows Bobby knows he has a weak stomach – I mean weak. […] So I burped and blew on him and he whipped around and got a whiff of that and puked all over my chest. Man, I pulled over and he hit it again and now he puked on my lap. I’m pulling off the road – there’s cars squealing all around us – pull off the side, open the door.

I went to pull that shirt off and as I pulled it over my head, I got another whiff of his puke and now I puked all over the windshield. That set him off. Now he’s puking in the floorboard, he’s puking on the window beside him. […] Burp and Blow can lead to bad things – can you imagine some of those farmers and normal blue collar people in Kansas City, riding down the road and they look over and see the van with both doors open in the pouring rain and two guys, ‘Hey that looked like Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson, and Arn Anderson was naked!'”

The Dangerous Alliance lasted less than a year after Rick Rude broke away from the group and Steve Austin found fame as The Hollywood Blondes alongside Brian Pillman. By the culmination of 1992, the faction were no more and Paul Heyman left the company to revive the faction in ECW with Jimmy Snuka, Don Muraco, Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot.

Credit for the interview: ARN Podcast