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Arn Anderson On Wrestling Monopolies – “One Major Company Is Not Good”

Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson has explained the importance of competition in the wrestling business and says that a monopoly is not good for anyone.

Anderson was discussing the last episode of WCW Monday Nitro on his ARN podcast. WWE Hall Of Famer Anderson worked for WCW until those dying days in 2001.

In conversation with co-host Conrad Thompson, Anderson discussed his thoughts on the impending end of WCW and what it meant for the wrestling business as a whole.

Anderson stated:

“I knew if we [WCW] went out of business, having only one company, one major company is not good. [Competition] keeps everybody sharp. WCW – even in the beginning when they weren’t running house-shows and they were just running TVs, and they weren’t making a lot of money year to year.”

“Still, it made the other company watch, kinda pay attention, even though in those early days Vince [McMahon] wasn’t threatened. But he would watch and it would keep each company- we would play off of something they would do, they would play off of something we would do and it just keeps you sharp.”

With WCW out of business, there was no national or global competition for the then-World Wrestling Federation. Anderson retained a job with McMahon’s company, staying with WWE for almost 18 years.

Anderson also discussed another WCW turned WWE competitor, Booker T. The five-time WCW Champion also jumped ship following the end of WCW.

Credit: ARN

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