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Arn Anderson On Which Wrestlers Are Most Like Their TV Characters

Stone Cold Steve Austin The Rock

Arn Anderson has discussed which wrestling star’s on-screen personas are the most similar to their off-air personalities.

It has often been said that the best wrestling characters are just extensions of the real-life personality of the star. Obviously exaggerated and with the volume turned all the way up.

Speaking on his ARN podcast, WWE Hall OF Famer Arn Anderson was asked who most resembled their character off-screen.

Anderson then provided a few names:

“Steve Austin – that’s who he is; The Rock – that’s who he is. You know it’s especially guys who really got over. Jim Cornette is 100 percent who he is, he’s authentic and legitimate – that’s who he is.”

Another name that came to Anderson’s mind was his former tag team partner Tully Blanchard. Anderson and Blanchard held the NWA Tag Team Titles twice with Anderson in the late eighties. The duo went on to win the WWF Tag Team Championships in July 1989.

Anderson said of his old partner:

“[Tully Blanchard] has calmed way down from where he was. I think Tully being that guy, being on all the time back in the day, was the key to his success because he had heat with everybody – the boys, the fans, you name it, the office. But that was Tully and that’s why he drew so much money I think.”

“Abdullah [the Butcher] is a different cat, Bruiser Brody, believe it or not, I never had the pleasure to meet in person. Leon [White, aka Vader] would just get angry about stuff and he would you know sometimes get frustrated but most of the time he was just a big teddy bear to me.”

Arn Anderson also gave his opinion on who would win a real fight between former world champions Ron Simmons and Brock Lesnar.

Credit: ARN

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