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Arn Anderson On The “Double-Edged Sword” Of Legends At WrestleMania

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Arn Anderson has discussed the use of legends and WWE Hall Of Famers in prime positions on WrestleMania, and whether he thinks they should be in those spots.

Anderson was discussing WrestleMania 32 on his ARN podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson. On that WrestleMania Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Steve Austin appeared to take out the League Of Nations. Sheamus’ group had just defeated The New Day before calling out any three men to take them on. The three WWE Hall Of Famers answered the call, much to the delight of the crowd in Texas.

Later on in the event, The Rock made an appearance to announce the new attendance record set in the AT&T Stadium. The Great One was interrupted by The Wyatt Family, leading to an impromptu match. The Rock defeated Erick Rowan in seven seconds, after a Rock Bottom.

The Four Horseman stated that there are two sides to the argument for the legends being showcased at WrestleMania.

Anderson explained:

“It’s a double-edged sword, you wanna give your fans and your viewing audience every possible positive thing you can give them – I think. Every superstar, every match-up, guys from the past who truly are Gods in the wrestling industry – WrestleMania’s the place to bring them.”

“If you do it at the expense at the new talent that you’re trying to build, whether it be taking the spot away from them on the show or just something being way too lop-sided, which we have a couple of instances of that on the show – I’m not sure it’s a good thing. I’m a little bit double-edged sword on that.”

“Certainly, you can’t say that you don’t want a Shawn Michaels and a Rock and Foley and Steve Austin. If somebody said would you like them to be on WrestleMania – are you kidding me? Really? Of course, but then you’ve got to break it down and figure out what they’re going to be doing, and is it going to make them bigger stars than when they walked in the door that night, and is it going to be a better show.”

Arn Anderson then spoke in-depth about The Rock’s segment on the show. The current head coach of the Nightmare Family in AEW offered an alternative way to highlight The People’s Champ.

Credit: ARN

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