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Arn Anderson On Ricky Starks – “Great Attitude And A Ton Of Talent”

Ricky Starks

Arn Anderson has showered praise on ‘Absolute’ Ricky Starks, saying that the AEW star thinks like a top guy in the wrestling business.

Speaking on an ‘Ask Arn Anything’ episode of his Arn podcast, the head coach of the Nightmare Family was asked about his role as a producer in WWE and now in AEW.

Anderson discussed the importance of being able to assess talent and recognising skills and attitudes that can make somebody a superstar.

The Four Horseman explained:

“I think that’s one of the things I do have a little bit of expertise in is being able to watch something and see how much potential somebody has at that particular time and what it would take to make them better or if they probably don’t have the aptitude to be in the business.”

“The ability to assess talent is critical when you’re a producer with WWE and certainly with any company. You’ve got to know what you’re looking for. A lot of guys – it may just be the fact that they’ve never had a guy with a lot more experience set them down and go, ‘I watched your match and I like this and I like this, might have moved this around a little bit, this really blows take it out,’ they might have never had that kind of creative constructive criticism. All it takes is something like that and the light goes on and they go, ‘Wow.’”

Anderson then singled out Ricky Starks as an example of someone who listens and can be coached very well. The former NWA World Television Champion made his AEW debut in the summer of 2020. Starks was the third man to answer Rhodes’s TNT Title Open Challenge.

Anderson said of Starks:

“I’ll tell you a kid that comes to mind that takes instruction really really well and has a great attitude is Ricky Starks. He really does. He’s got a ton of talent. When you set him down, I try to sit him down because he’s a nice kid. He’s a good kid for the business. He’s got a lot of high-end perspective. He looks at things kind of like a top guy does. He just needs a little more experience but he’s a guy that is definitely coachable.”

Arn Anderson also discussed which wrestling stars are most like their on-screen personalities.

Credit: ARN

h/t Fightful for the transcription