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Arn Anderson On PAC – “He’s A Tough Son Of A B*tch, He’s An Assassin”

PAC making his entrance

When PAC, then known as Neville, debuted on the WWE main roster in March 2015 hopes were high.

The high-flyer from Newcastle, England had just come off the back of a 287 day reign as NXT Champion and had gone toe to toe with the likes of Sami Zayn at Kevin Owens. At the time, his NXT Title reign was the longest in history.

However, Neville’s time on the main roster was something of a stop-start affair, with the man who looked every inch the star on NXT unable to gain momentum.

Looking at back WrestleMania 32, which Neville missed through injury, Arn Anderson praised the current AEW star. Speaking on his ARN podcast available via Ad Free Shows, Anderson recalled Neville breaking his ankle before the showpiece event, branding him “a tough son of a b*tch.”

“Neville is a tough son of a b*tch, the more I see that kid, the more I like him. Everything about him is just, God almighty, he’s just an assassin. He can do a lot of the dives and stuff as good as anybody in the business, but he tried to put them where they go, so if he went outside and did a big dive and came up selling his ankle or something, I would initially think ‘that’s just him being a top shelf pro’, you know a dive to the outside, landing on the concrete even though it has a mat on it, is sure not a pleasant place to land. So I’m sure that everybody was on the same page, they thought that this guy is just selling his ankle.”

PAC would eventually leave WWE in 2018 following a contract dispute. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion would return to Dragon Gate where he had previously enjoyed a great deal of success before joining AEW in 2019.

At AEW Revolution PAC teamed with Rey Fenix to win the Casino Tag Team Battle Royale, earning a future shot at the AEW Tag Team Titles.

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