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Arn Anderson On Jerry Lynn – “Excellent Coach, Great Communicator”

Jerry Lynn

Arn Anderson has discussed fellow AEW coach and former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lynn and explained how valuable he is behind the scenes.

Lynn joined AEW as a backstage coach in 2019. He has briefly been seen on AEW television separating several pull-apart brawls. Anderson debuted in his role as head coach of Cody Rhodes’ Nightmare Family on the New Year’s Day 2020 edition of Dynamite.

Speaking on his ARN podcast, the WWE Hall Of Famer discussed Lynn’s value to AEW and the perception that the former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion is underrated.

Anderson stated:

“Yes, I do [think he’s underrated], and working with him now at AEW I see how personable he is. I see how knowledgeable that he is. He’s got a really good basic knowledge of the way the business was and the way it is. He’s an excellent coach and a great communicator, he’s just a great guy. One of the great guys in the business.”

“I thank God that he’s there and he’s with us because, like I said, he was a high spot guy. He was doing the Lucha stuff before it was fashionable and doing it well. So he has some of that, he has a working knowledge of how to put a match together and how to feature certain things in a match. He has a great head and a great mind for the business.”

Jerry Lynn began his wrestling career in 1988. He was one of a few individuals to work for WCW, ECW, and WWE. Lynn joined WWE in April 2001 following the demise of ECW. In his first match for the company, he would win the Light Heavyweight Championship from Crash Holly.

Following his WWE release in 2002, Lynn would join TNA. While in the company he would win the X Division Championship twice, becoming only the third man to ever hold the title. Lynn would also hold the NWA TNA Tag Team Titles with Amazing Red and AJ Styles.

Arn Anderson has also discussed the infamous Doomsday Cage match that he was part of in WCW.

Credit: ARN

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