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Arn Anderson On How He Would’ve Booked The Rock At WrestleMania 32

The Rock Erick Rowan

Arn Anderson has discussed The Rock’s extremely short match against Erick Rowan at WrestleMania 32 and the changes he would have made to the segment.

The Rock appeared at WrestleMania in 2016 to announce the record-setting attendance WWE had achieved that night. During his time in the ring, The Great One was interrupted by The Wyatt Family of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan.

After some back and forth between both sides, The Rock then challenged any member of The Wyatts to a match, revealing his wrestling gear underneath his clothes. Rowan took up the challenge and was defeated in six seconds.

Former WWE producer Arn Anderson believes that the segment could have gone a little differently and helped The Wyatts save some face.

Discussing the matter on an episode of his ARN podcast, the former Four Horseman explained:

“Why just dump all over The Wyatts? […] What if we sent the Wyatts to the ring first? Bray did the promo, Rock then came down and looked them over. Did a little bit of the ‘Rockisms,’ if you smell what he’s cookin’ and all that. Let those guys jump on him, then have Rock try to fight them and they got the numbers. Get him down, get a little bit on him – there’s no match, there’s no 1-2-3. Now you bring Cena down and the two of those guys make a comeback on the Wyatts. You at least gave the Wyatts something, you gave the baby faces something to overcome. The end result is you got Rock and Cena looking good on the very end. Just a little bit different slant on it.”

“You gotta remember how was Rowan used before this? And how will Rowan be used after this? It’s hard to make him that monster he was, even though it was The Rock. I’m a fan of The Rock, he’s a gentleman, he’s a class act, he’s done a tremendous amount for our business and he’s the biggest movie star in the world. He’s got more accolades than you can imagine.”

Anderson then said that The Rock’s dominance was reminiscent of another WWE Superstar – Roman Reigns. For years Reigns struggled to win fan support as the perception of him was that he was being pushed on the audience despite what the audience may have wanted.

Anderson then commented:

“But having the wrestling background and knowing how drama is built and all those things, I just think those that might not have been a Rock fan – I’m kinda teeter-tottering on the edge. Don’t you think it’s kinda like the Roman Reigns thing – why you shovin’ him down our throats? You don’t need to, let him earn his way along. That’s why we like him, he’s the guy that won’t stay down, he’s the guy that won’t quit, he’s the guy we can believe in. Just a different way to look at it.”

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Credit: ARN

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