Arn Anderson Names The AEW Star That Reminds Him Most Of Himself

Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson is a legendary figure in the wrestling business for his time as The Enforcer of the Four Horsemen.

The faction – which originally included Arn’s brother Ole Anderson, Ric Flair, and Tully Blanchard – ran roughshod over the NWA in the 1980s and later WCW with Flair winning multiple World Championships while Double A and Blanchard won the NWA and WCW Tag Team Championships.

Stars today such as Dax Harwood have earned comparisons with Anderson, but there’s a more surprising AEW star who reminds the star of himself.

Arn Anderson says MJF reminds him of himself

Speaking to Steve Fall for Ten Count, Anderson says MJF is the kind of person who reminds him of a younger Enforcer.

He went on to praise the Salt of the Earth, in particular his promo skills.

“You’ve got to be confident, and if you want to excel you have to be overconfident, but you better have the goods. I know he’s training, I see all his training videos.

“There’s one thing to talk the talk, but when it comes down to getting with it bell to bell, you’d better be able to back it up, especially if you’re at the level he can, because the kid can talk.”

Turning to the AEW World Champion’s opponent at Revolution, Bryan Danielson, Anderson recalled it taking a while for WWE to realise what they had in the star.

“We all knew he was a fantastic competitor, wrestler, businessman, all those things. It just took the office a while to catch up with us.”

Anderson believed the bout between the pair will be Match of the Year and have everyone talking about it “for a long time”.

“I think it’s going to be match of the year, I have no doubt. There’s going to be a story to follow, there’s going to be all kinds of drama.

“It will have every veteran, every wrestling fan, anybody to do with wrestling, every production person, talking about it for a long time.”

H/T to eWrestlingNews for the above transcription.