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Arn Anderson Favoured Steve McMichael Over Booker T For 4 Horsemen Role

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‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson has revealed that in his opinion, Booker T wouldn’t have been a better replacement for Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael in the Four Horsemen.

On September 29, 1997, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair disbanded The Four Horsemen following the retirement of original member Arn Anderson and the shocking betrayal and defection of Curt Hennig to the NWO.

One year later following a return from hiatus – after an integral disagreement with Eric Bischoff – ‘Naitch’ reformed the greatest faction professional wrestling history with a new look and younger members to replace the stars of yesteryear. In place of names such as Anderson, Blanchard, Windham, Vicious and others, Flair recruited Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and most puzzlingly of all former NFL player Steve McMichael, with Arn Anderson serving as the group’s manager.

However, with time and foresight fans began to come to the conclusion that anyone would have been better than Mongo and began to look to breakout singles star Booker T as a potential replacement.

Now, ‘Double A’ has taken to his ARN Podcast in order to talk about why he pitched McMichael for the role in place of a more capable talent and why he was the better option over Booker T:

“Booker [T] had his own career and he was already starting to separate out into that single that you knew was going to be a top guy. Mongo fit because personality; I think it gave Ric an excellent guy to play off of. Mongo was – he knew the ticket. He was never going to become Ricky Steamboat as a wrestler but he was a tremendous personality. That guy that played for the Bears and had the impact that he had on pro football is the character he brought to the Horsemen. He never had one lesson guys. A lot of people beat him up and there were even special blips and blurbs and stuff popping up about Mongo. He never had one single wrestling lesson. He was just in there learning as he went. So if you consider that and realise that, it might put things into a little bit of perspective. You know everybody that’s out there, I’ll just challenge them. If everybody sitting at their kitchen table or wherever they’re at listening to this line up, put you in a ring and let’s just see what you got without any prep.”

Having reformed for one final run, The Four Horsemen went into battle against the New World Order but turned heel following the rivalry and shed Mongo from their ranks. When ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’ became WCW’s on-screen President, his wards walked away from the bloc and the group split for the final time.

Credit for the interview: ARN Podcast