Arn Anderson Explains The Advantage Of Only Holding 4 PPVs A Year

Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson is looking forward to AEW Revolution and has described the advantages AEW has by only running four pay-per-view events a year.

Anderson was discussing the upcoming event on his ARN podcast. When the subject of AEW Revolution came up, the WWE Hall of Famer had this to say:

“Very excited [about AEW Revolution]. Man everybody’s on-board and some of the angles that are coming together; lining up your best against your best. [A] Lot of good things going on and I cannot wait to get to the pay-per-view because Tony Khan and the company, and everyone involved – all the talent, production, you name it, they really pull together by having only having four pay-per-views a year.”

Anderson then explained why he feels only holding four pay-per-views a year is beneficial to the company and fans:

“That’s what I’ve always talked about, you can really concentrate and give your audience something special when you only have four. That’s what’s coming, that’s what’s in store for the audience and I can’t wait.”

Alle Elite Wrestling have held four pay-per-views per year since the company’s inception in 2019. Double Or Nothing was the first event held by the company over Memorial Day weekend in the United States. All Out takes place in September with Full Gear occuring in November. AEW Revolution was the first of the four pay-per-views to be held in 2020, airing in February. This year’s edition was pushed back one week from its original advertised date to Sunday March 7th 2021.

WWE began airing four pay-per-views a year in 1989 following the Royal Rumble’s move from television special to pay-per-view. WWE kept mostly to this schedule until 1993 when they added King Of The Ring in June. In 1995 WWE would add the In Your House series to their pay-per-view offerings. Following that in 1996, WWE would hold 12 pay-per-views in a calendar year for the first time. With the advent of the WWE Network in 2014, WWE has added to their calendar different special events throughout the year. These have included NXT TakeOvers and their events from Saudi Arabia.

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Credit: ARN