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Arn Anderson Discusses Why John Cena Was At The Top For So Long

John Cena

There’s no doubt about it, John Cena is one of the biggest stars professional wrestling has ever produced. The 16-time World Champion has transcended wrestling, and the legendary Arn Anderson has revealed just how Cena was able to enjoy such a long career at the very top of the industry.

The latest episode of ARN on AdFreeShows.com saw The Enforcer open up about how John Cena would become the top guy.

“I think he does get credit and it pisses a lot of people off to admit it. A lot of them are there to see John and his opponent. God knows the kids are there. One thing that is crystal clear is that, in an era, that this is an adult male sport, the kids will still come out to see somebody that is their hero and John is definitely that guy. That’s for sure. It is incredible that for ten years, he can sit atop a company that has that many stars and runs that many shows. 10 years is a hell of a run consecutively.

“A couple of things that play into that is John is very dependable. John never missed a match or a house show. He is durable. He never got hurt very often. If you bought a ticket to see John, you didn’t get there and say he was injured at RAW so we are going to make a proper change to the card. You didn’t have any of that and that means a lot to the fans.”

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