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Arn Anderson Discusses Scott Steiner Transforming Into “Unrecognisable” Big Poppa Pump

Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner is one of the most easily recognisable wrestlers in the history of the industry. From his trademark black streak in the WCW legend’s goatee to the chain-link headdress and, of course, a muscular terrain across his body to rival any bodybuilder with the most animated biceps you’ll ever see.

Speaking on his podcast, ARN, the legendary Arn Anderson discussed Scott Steiner’s journey to becoming Big Poppa Pump – saying it was unlike anything he’d ever seen.

“Now, when Scott [Steiner] became Big Poppa Pump, he was unrecognizable. I’d never seen a guy transform his body – he had huge arms and was in great shape when he was young, but he looked like a guy that could’ve went on the stage without any prior experience and won Mr. Olympia in bodybuilding.

Double A continued:

“I’ve never seen anything like that in the business – a guy make that kind of change. He had that character, he had that rage and anger in him that was very real. Him in that role as the lead heel – it was a spectacle in and of itself. It was never lost on me. I would like at the guy and look at whoever else was watching with me and I would just go, ‘My God.’ That was about all I could get out because it was incredible. He was one thing in that era that you knew what you had. He was gonna come through that curtain and raise holy hell until he decided to come back through that curtain. You knew he was out of control and pushing the envelope and doing all the things in the name of being a heel that you could’ve possibly gotten away with during that time.”

Steiner, of course, had enjoyed a run alongside brother Rick in tag team action ahead of said transformation, with a very different aesthetic as the man who became Big Poppa Pump would sport a fresh-faced look and a brunette mullet.

Anderson also spoke to Scott and Rick Steiner “chewing tag teams out” and how he never experienced that.

“Scott Steiner is one of the rare entities in the history of this business. When he first came in with his brother, they were a great tag team. I loved working with those guys. There are gonna be teams and talent that tell you ‘The Steiners ate me alive’ and all that, which is true.

“I was never put in that position just because I was positioned well enough in the business that if they trusted me, they knew I wasn’t gonna try to pull any bulls*** with them. With all kinds of different partners, I had some great matches with the Steiners because they worked their ass off and gave as good as they got.”

Scott Steiner would go on to enjoy a short run in WWE from 2002, debuting at the Survivor Series before feuding with Triple H. Steiner would be released from WWE in 2004. Most recently, Steiner has appeared in IMPACT Wrestling and at Talk ‘N Shop A Mania 2. Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson and Rocky Romero recently told us how they managed to recruit Big Poppa Pump for the show.

H/T 411Mania for the transcription.