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Arn Anderson Describes WCW Match As “Sh***y In Its Design”

Arn Anderson

‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson has reflected on the Doomsday Cage match that headlined the WCW Uncensored pay-per-view in March 1996.

Anderson was discussing the event on his ARN podcast and recalled the notorious three-level cage match. The match itself saw Hulk Hogan team with old friend and rival Randy Savage to face a team led by Ric Flair. Flair’s team would include Anderson alongside Lex Luger, The Barbarian, Meng, The Taskmaster, Z-Gangsta, and The Ultimate Solution. This eclectic group would be known as the Alliance To End Hulkamania.

Arn Anderson described the concept of the match and then detailed his involvement in it:

“So this is three cages – small one, bigger one, biggest one. And you gotta drop down from the small one through the door. Then you gotta drop down from the middle one to the bottom one. And then you have a decision.”

“I then got added into this someway, somehow. Kevin [Sullivan, WCW booker at the time] must have looked around and said ‘there’s not a lot of guys that are gonna do a lot of falling down in this thing.'[…] I guess my job – I had nothing to do with the storytelling to get to this match – so I was just inserted to be a flow guy. Or somebody to keep getting his ass kicked. Take some bumps, try to make it exciting.”

Arn Anderson then discussed his unhappiness with the match, stating that two men being able to overcome eight did nobody any favours at all:

“Boy, eight on two. Creative control to me has always been a nasty word. That night it became really relevant how much strength and stroke and power those two words carry. That was God-awful. There were people in it like [The Ultimate Solution], bless his heart who was a monster. The biggest arms I’d ever seen up to that point, and strong. You then had Zeus [Z-Gangsta], Meng and [The Barbarian] and all these guys. All these killers and two guys beat them all.”

“That’s not making babyfaces, that’s making you want to puke. And that’s what the audience did. They just sat there, rocked back in their chairs, probably puked in their own mouth because it wouldn’t have been favourable to puke on the floor but I bet a lot of people were wanting to. It just was sh***y in its design, lousy in its preparation. The whole concept made no sense. If you think two babyfaces were made at the end of the day then you’re not a wrestling fan because no way, no how should that have ended that way. No way, no how should that match have ever occurred.”

Arn Anderson has also discussed another monstrous wrestler who appeared on Uncensored 1996. Anderson spoke about WCW’s Loch Ness, who is better known to British wrestling fans as Giant Haystacks.

Credit: ARN

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