Arn Anderson Criticises WWE Body Shaming Promos

Arn Anderson has filed to trademark The Four Horsemen

Arn Anderson, currently an enforcer for the Nightmare Family in AEW, has spoken out about promos which he considers to be body shaming.

Speaking on The Arn Show, he detailed his ground rules for promos. For him, a person’s physical appearance and age should be a subject of generating heat.

“Never agreed with it. I never will agree with it. There are some rules and we’ve discussed them many times. You don’t say old, you don’t say fat, you don’t say skinny, too small. None of those things because they’re all going to end up biting you in the a– when that person ends up kicking your a–.”

He did however lavish praise upon Big Show and was generous to fellow Nightmare Family member Cody Rhodes.

“He was willing to go out there with that cast of characters, and Show, God bless Show to be a legitimate monster, giant, Godzilla. He’s been put in some precarious rotten situations over the years and this was just another one. It was haha with no haha, because the guy you were trying to get the haha on didn’t have any heat.”

Notably, Big Show was quite often the subject of such storylines. Furthermore, Nia Jax was involved in a storyline with Alexa Bliss that poked fun at Nia Jax’s size.

Also during his show, Arn Anderson spoke highly of Michael Cole.

“A lot of the time, it’s hard to put your thoughts into what you’re watching when someone is screaming in your headset. Matter of fact, I would say you got to switch gears and go with the guy that pays your salary. That’s not who Michael Cole is. Left to his own devices, he is very effective as a wrestling announcer calling the action.”

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Credit to Wrestling Inc for the transcript.