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Arn Anderson Cites The Rhodes Brothers As His Dream Opponents

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AEW Producer Arn Anderson has revealed who his dream opponent would be in the present if he was still able to lace up those famous boots.

Throughout his long and illustrious career, ‘Double A’ has stepped into the ring against many names both in singles and tag team action with the outcome often a technical masterclass.

His wars against The Rockers and Demolition during The Brain Buster’s time with World Wrestling Federation are hidden gems, while his solo outings against the likes of Randy Savage, Sting, Buzz Sawyer and Dusty Rhodes should be studied by those getting into the industry in the present.

Now, ‘The Enforcer’ has sat down on his ARN Podcast to discuss who he would like to have a dream match with in the present if he was still in his prime. Harking back to the epic rivalry between The Four Horsemen and Dusty Rhodes, there were only two men the technical marvel could ever have chosen:

“If I could be…if Tully and I could be let’s say thirty, and Cody being in his prime and somehow magically Dustin being in his prime, as far a generational, one for the ages and we had our same history with his dad…that history we have with his father has lasted to this day and everybody remembers when we followed Dusty down and the Cadillac and jumped him in the parking lot, then broke his leg and had the riot and all those things…but Cody has built his own legacy, he’s his own man, he’s recognised as one of the top guys in AEW, one of the faces of the company. Dustin Rhodes is a guy that can go. He can tear it up and boy when he first came along and he was a young talent he could tear it up with the best of them and he caught on so quickly to everything. I think those two in their prime and us in our prime…interesting.”

Currently, Arn Anderson serves as both AEW Producer and on-screen mentor to Cody Rhodes. In past interviews, Anderson has orated that his mentorship of ‘The American Nightmare’ is a promise that he made to the late, great, Dusty Rhodes prior to his passing.

Credit for the interview: ARN Podcast