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Arn Anderson On Bryan Danielson vs Hangman Page – “The Best Match I’ve Seen In 25 Years”

Bryan Danielson Hangman Adam Page

WWE Hall Of Famer and AEW star Arn Anderson has had his say on the title match between Bryan Danielson and Hangman Adam Page, saying you’d have to go a long way back to top it.

At AEW Winter Is Coming, Danielson got his first crack at the AEW Championship since he joined the company in September. In turn, Hangman Adam Page finally got his hands on Bryan Danielson after The American Dragon had taken his anger out on The Dark Order in recent weeks.

The bout was met with critical acclaim as the two men fought to an hour-long draw, meaning that Page hangs onto his title in his first defence.

Speaking on his ARN podcast [available early and ad-free at] Arn Anderson gave his thoughts on the bout:

“I sat there, Will Hobbs was between Brock and I. We sat down and there was no way I was going to miss this one. Bryan Danielson may be the best in the world because I looked at his cardio, I watched his pacing, I watched his thought process, the story he was telling, the physicality, giving, and receiving. Everything you would want to see in a title match for an hour was there. They didn’t miss anything.”

“I made sure when they came through that curtain, caught their breath for a second, and started up the hallway to their dressing room, and I don’t blow smoke very much because it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. It just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes you just do it to lift someone’s spirits.”

“I told those two guys point-blank, ‘It’s the best match I’ve seen in at least 25 years.’ If anybody wants to combat me on that, I would love to hear their thoughts, but it had everything. Let me tell you something. Hangman held his end up.”

“I told them both they made me proud to be in the wrestling business. It was just as if one of my kids was out there. I don’t know Hangman very well because we just haven’t spent a lot of time together. Much respect for his work ethic. I do know Daniel Bryan. I was with him quite a lot at my previous employment. Even knowing kind of what I could expect, I had no idea they would shine like that. Guess what? Nobody lost in that match.”

Wrestling legend Jim Cornette also discussed the bout recently, calling it the best AEW World Title match in the company’s history.